All My Favorites: Personal Work

I’ve been meaning to do a new blog post for so long now and when I sat down to start, I felt overwhelmed with all the sessions I would love to feature! As I was scrolling through my instagram account to get some inspiration I kept getting distracted by the images of my kids! Not surprisingly, as a family photographer, I pull most of my inspiration from photographing my own family. Recently I’ve been really thinking about how my style has evolved over the last year and half and…how it hasn’t!! My skills have definitely improved but there are certain elements that I see repeated over and over again in my work. I definitely prefer a more moody, emotive edit and this is what I’m always striving for. I think most photographers, and probably just artists in general, would agree that when they create for themselves they lose all sense of constraints and since there is no need to please anyone but themselves, you are then able to really TRULY create from the heart. This little blog post is kind of an ode to that I guess: creating from the heart and embracing that which makes my heart sing most! It was fun to go through and see my development and pick out which images stand out for me and which ones I’m most proud of. Sometimes, it is for sentimental reasons (I just love these little kiddos of mine!) and sometimes it’s because of how much I see my style really shining through in my personal work. A few of the photos in here don’t actually have a person in them…but for me they still manage to move me in a similar way. They evoke all that coziness and warmth of being with family and the nostalgia of childhood holidays!

For me, family photography should make your heart pitter patter a little bit extra. I want to feel all that love and emotion hit me hard with each image! My goal is for each of my clients to be drawn in by their photos in a way that stirs their soul, just as these images do for me (and hopefully for you too)!