about me

I am a mother to three beautiful (and very ornery) kidlets ages six, four, two, with another one on the way and wife to my amazing husband David. We live a glamorous Air Force life, having lived in exotic places such as Mississippi and Kansas and now Washington.  I am a serious lover of any and all things chocolate and think that the best vacation is one where a hot sandy beach is nowhere in sight. Take me on a European tour and I'll be your best friend forever! I love to read (when I'm not so exhausted from mom-ing all day that I fall asleep the minute my head hits the pillow) and have always been interested in art. I loved to draw before I could read and write; I almost went off to art school but instead took the less scary road of getting a liberal arts degree in Psychology. 

I finally found my niche in the art world after having kids. All I wanted to do from the moment my son was born was to document each and every little thing he did! If you asked me to pinpoint a specific moment when I knew that this photography thing was for me...I wouldn't be able to pick just one. I think at some point it hit me that I was passionate about what I was doing. I loved how these pictures told these amazing stories about our lives. I love that years from now we will be able to look back and remember exactly what it was like when my son started crawling or when we let the kids chase each other with the hose as a goodbye to summer or when we took our landlocked kids (born in Kansas) to Cannon Beach, Oregon and they were so afraid of the ocean! Fast forward to when I got my first real camera (thanks to that amazing hubby I mentioned earlier) and the rest is history! Now I can't put my camera down!